Frequently asked Questions

Why should I use Assurance 832 and not go directly to a lender?

  • Every lender has its pros and cons. Every project has its own unique set of challenges. With over hundreds of lenders in our network, we can help you maximize your profits and closing time by utilizing our vast experience on what lender will be the best fit for you on a given project.
  • Because Assurance 832 refers numerous loans with each lender we have “priority” status with the lenders. This means you get answers quicker, close deals faster and receive better pricing than you would with your own. Basically, you get bulk pricing.
  • You will not save money if you go to the lender directly. As a preferred partner our lenders will not charge any additional points. Why go directly when we can assist you at no additional cost!

Do you charge an upfront fee?

  • The only “upfront fee” you pay is to a 3rd party appraiser if an appraisal is needed. All fees paid to Assurance 832 are due at closing and will be handled by the closing agent or an attorney you choose.

What factors or qualifications do I need to qualify for a loan?

  • Since we are asset based, we only consider credit, experience and property. There is no minimum requirement.

What income verification will I need to show?

  • We are asset based so no income or debt to income is considered!

What states can you offer services to?

  • We can offer services to all US states with the exception of North and South Dakota.

What type of Properties can you lend on?

  • SFR, Condo, Townhome, Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex, Multifamily 5+, Multi-Use and Commercial

What is your rate?

  • We do not have just one rate. Our loan rates and terms are based on credit, experience, and project.
  • We can generate a no obligations quote within a day to let you see what you qualify for and be happy to explain the breakdown of the terms and cost.

What types of loan structures do you offer Real Estate investors?

  • Purchase or refinance short term bridge loans with or without rehab (6 months to 24 months, no prepayment penalty, interest only loans, 100% financing for rehab portion) Great for fix and flips or for quick acquisitions with an exit plan of refinancing to a long term.
  • Purchase and refinance long term– or called buy and hold or rental loans. (5,7,10 or 30 year terms, non-recourse available, ARM, balloon, fixed 30 years are all available)

How do I know which loan is best for me?

  • Our business model is based on a consultative method. You are the investor and should not have to worry about the financing end. We will be happy to discuss your investing objectives and give you a detail summary of the different options available to you along with our recommendations and why we believe so?

All I need to know is what is the rate, term and LTV.

  • This is a common belief held by most investors. The truth is your objective is to maximize profits and if you are considering financing then you must consider the total cost which is not always based on just the rate, term, or LTV. Some loans might sound great but if you investigate the details many times you will find out there are costs that ended eating away at your profits that you could have otherwise avoided. We will be happy to compare our quote with our competitors. We can show you total cost of both offers and let you decide which makes more sense.

Do you lend to LLC or personal name only?

  • While majority of our clients borrow in an entity, we are able to lend to both.

Do I need to have prior experience?

  • No, we welcome investors of all experience levels.

How quickly can we close on a deal?

  • Depending on the state and type of loan we can close as quickly as 3 days. Most average about 10+ days. When you apply for a quote, we can give you the expected date to close based on your application.

Do you offer 100% financing?

  • In some cases, we can offer 100% financing, but rarely do we recommend this route. With 100% financing your cost and fees with be substantially higher than financing where you have skin in the game. Again, it is about maximizing your profits that matter most.

Can I get a quote without running my credit?

  • We DO NOT run credit to generate a quote. We do recommend you providing a credit report to us. By providing your own credit report we will be able to generate accurate terms and rate for you, but it is not required.
  • To obtain a 3 bureau FICO 8 report please visit the site by clicking here.

Why use Assurance 832 instead of a Private Money Lender.

  • Our network does include Private Money Investors as well as nationwide institutional Hard Money Lenders. At the end of the day, you the investor is primarily interested in your return on investment. With our extensive network of lending sources and experience we can save you the headache of trying to find the right funding option for your given project. Our staff will be able to show you cost breakdowns of most every option you are considering. Even if we don’t win your deal, we are happy to advise you of the better options. For us it’s about establishing relationships for now and the future.

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